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Who we are

Welcome to the online world of Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants.

'Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants' is an Indian Chartered Accountant firm having its main office at in Kandivali West in Mumbai, the financial capital of India.
It was established by CA Bhavesh Savla.
The main focus area of our Chartered Accountant Firm is to help both Indians and Foreigners to set up corporate business entities in India.
This involves not only the actual Incorporation process but also advice on entry in India, advice regarding implications of the laws regarding the Foreign Exchange Rules, Foreign Direct Investment policies of the Indian Government.
For Indian residents, we offer efficient and cost-effective Incorporation services.
Post Incorporation, we offer our expertise in many issues involving but not limited to Accountancy, Internal and Statutory Audit, Direct as well as Indirect Taxes.
One concept that we believe in strongly is ‘Enjoy whatever you do’ and ‘Keep Smiling’. This ensures that each and every person in our firm displays almost a child-like enthusiasm in each work they do. Each and every person adds a bit of innovation in the work they do each time. The Clients shall not only admire the output but also enjoy our process of work.
Today, we serve corporate and Non-corporate entities based in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh etc, covering important cities like Mumbai and Thane Districts, Nagpur, Jamnagar, Secunderabad, Ludhiana, Patiala, New Delhi etc. We serve our Clients who are engaged in business activities like Information Technology, Trading and Manufacturing, Education, Financial Advisory Services etc.
We invite you to take a tour of our site and subsequently share your views, comments and suggestions.

What we can do for you

Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants shall be pleased to provide any or more of the following Services in our usual professional manner of working:

Unlike a Liaison or Branch Office, a subsidiary company in India by a Foreign Company

Foreign companies who want to set up a business presence in India but do not want a permanent subsidiary company in India can look forward to set up a branch or Liaison Office in India.

A corporate entity, a company registration is a logical step for any Small and Medium Enterprises. Presently corporate business registration is predominantly in the form of Company.

Our firm provides Audit Services in the field of Companies Act, LLP Act and Income Tax Act. Statutory Audit as well as tax audit services.

We provide the following Accounts Out-sourcing services: 1. Customized Spread-sheet based Accounting or Accounting Driven by Specialized Accounting.

Taxation is one of the most important, if not the most important factor in any business since it affects the cash flow of the business in a manner.

Aspiring to grow and expand.


We, at Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants are entrepreneurs at heart and being entrepreneurs ourselves have a soft corner for entrepreneurs and start-ups. That is why this page is dedicated for you and your dear business. At Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants, we recognize your needs specifically because we are ourselves an SME, aspiring to grow and expand. We can help Start-ups and SMEs in the following respects:

  • Corporatisation and Making your liability limited- Most SMEs and start-ups prefer to run as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. The Concept of Limited Liability is a much under appreciated concept; especially for SMEs. With Corporatisation, your liability towards your Creditors and even your customers becomes limited to the extent of business assets only. God forbid, but suppose any unfortunate event does occur, in your business, your home and personal assets like jewellery, home, personal investments etc. are protected. Till sometime back, the only option for a corporate vehicle was to form a Limited Company (Public/private). But now with the introduction of Limited Liability Partnership Bill (LLP), the concept of a Limited Liability Partnership has become a reality. LLP is actually a hybrid structure capturing the benefits of both a normal partnership firm and a limited Company.
  • Customized Accounting and Compliance Solutions- When you outsource your Accounts, taxation and other compliances to us, you get the best of both worlds – expert and up-dated advice and service as well as savings in costs. You don’t need to hire an in-house accountant unless your operations reach a particular level. We offer various registration and compliance related services for Income Taxes, Value Added Taxes, Professional Taxes, Service Taxes etc.
  • SSI Registration (now known as Registration under the Small and Medium Enterprises Act, 2006- We offer SSI Registration (both Part –I and Part –II) in the districts of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. SSI Registration has its own unique benefits like reduction in interest rates, eligibility for various Government schemes, better cash recovery under the MSME Act, 2006. We also offer NSIC Registration for manufacturers.

Explore India

one of the fastest growing economies in the world

In recent times, India has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has emerged a key nation in the Emerging Markets. The key factors for India being in a prominent position are:

  • Fastest growing GDP, Per Capita income and Per Capita disposable income.
  • Growing Middle Class with growing disposable incomes and rising aspirations for a better living style which only means that consumption for products and services will go up.
  • The second largest English speaking population in the World.
  • Fairly high standards of professional and technical skills like Accountancy, Mathematics and Statistics, Law, Engineering etc. available at reasonable costs.
  • Fairly robust and transparent judiciary and regulatory regimes.
  • Excellent infrastructure opportunities; especially in the areas of surface transport.
  • Robust Intellectual Property protection regime.
  • And above all, ample entrepreneurial spirit in the people.

Entry in India for a Foreign Company can be through any of the following ways:

  • Liaison Office/Representative Office
  • Branch Office
  • Formation of a Subsidiary Company (either wholly owned or partly owned)
  • Formation of a Joint Venture Company

Thus India can be a dream destination for investments. However, with any of us, the prospects of entering a foreign country with the Foreign Exchange, General and Corporate Laws, Civil and Criminal Laws as well as the Taxation Laws being different from our home country, you can be a little apprehensive. Thus placing trust on the right person is important. We have had the pleasure of doing so many times for our foreign clients and would be more than happy to extend the same pleasure to you. Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants can help you in the following cases:

  • Pre-incorporation advice on Taxation, Foreign Exchange Laws etc.
  • Actual incorporation procedure
  • Post incorporation procedures like Share allotments and related compliances various Government procedures and registrations, opening of Bank Accounts
  • Regular compliances with the government authorities
  • Transfer Pricing Norms in taxation

We also serve Expatriates in the following areas:

  • Personal taxation including calculation and deposit of taxes.
  • Obtaining a Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Filing of Income Tax Returns
  • Advice about investments in India

As the world becomes one global village and newer and faster means of communication and data exchange become accessible and inexpensive, the world is able to cross boundaries and forge partnerships and expand business. We welcome you to India and wish you a successful stay.

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