Brief Overview of change in registered Office address of a Private Limited Company

Registered Office Address is the most important address for a Company since its the primary address on record for a private limited Company. Many compliance are required to be done at this particular address like maintance of books and registers, address for receipt of notices and correspondence etc. Many a times, the registered office address […]

Compliance for a LLP

One of the biggest advantages that a Limited Liability Partnership , as a corporate entity, has over a traditional private limited Company is the extremely low number of compliance. However, once an LLP has been incorporated (Read Overview of LLP) still certain compliance have to be done. Article attempts to describes the common compliance requirements […]

Threshold for MSME Classification revised

In a move which will be vastly beneficial to India’ Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the Government has raised the threshold levels for classification of the same which shall enable more businesses to be classified as MSMEs and take the benefit of the same. Existing and Revised Definition of MSMEs                                                                 Existing MSME Classification […]